Run Groups

Let's Start Running

Monday & Thursday - 6:00pm

Join us for our successful and very popular beginners’ run group! It begins with a mixture of walking and running to allow for a safe progression towards a continuous run. By the end of the program, any dedicated member should be able to run continuously for five kilometers. Our Let's Start Running group is free and always welcoming new members. Our next session will begin September 16th!

Fun Run

Monday & Thursday - 6:00pm

Graduate from our "Let's Start Running" group and join our Fun Run group. This group meets twice a week for a social easy run ranging from five to eight kilometers. Routes vary each run to give you a taste of all that the Waterloo running scene has to offer.

Wednesday Night Tempo

Wednesday - 6:30pm

This run is for anyone who would like a mid-week workout to complement their training. This run is a tempo run of varying distances that will take you through some of the running hotspots in Waterloo such as Laurel Creek Conservation and Bechtel Park, during the summer months. During the winter months, you will explore the University of Waterloo campus, Keats Way and other winter friendly running routes. Runners of all abilities are welcome!

Runners' Choice Marathon/Half-Marathon Group

Thursday - 6:00pm & Sunday - 8:00am

This group runs two clinics a year that will provide you with hands on coaching to guide you towards your first or thirtieth marathon. Not ready to run a full marathon? No worries, we also offer half-marathon coaching if you're looking to make the jump from ten kilometers to the half-marathon. The cost of this clinic is $69.95+tax, but we guarantee that it's worth the investment. Our next training cycle begins July 4th, 2019!

Runners' Choice Fall 5K Clinic

Tuesday - 6:30pm

This clinic is perfect if you're looking for a dedicated group to train towards the Waterloo Fall Classic 5K race. With guidance from our 5K coaches, you will be given specific workouts and tips that will help you run your best 5K. Our next session will begin July 30th, 2019 from Runners' Choice (55 Erb St. E.)! The cost of this clinic is $39.95 and sign up can be done in store prior to the start of the clinic. As this group is workout based, interested runners should have completed a 5K race previously and/or be capable of running 5K continuously. Feel free to email/call us with any questions!